Bloodclan Announcements

  • Ug Der Lats... August 27, 2015
    Mi Juzd wan ta blah Ug ta lats frum da burzum. Et am Mani Muunz sinze mi blah en mi wan ta peep wut habbinun wiff lat awll. *burps* :D
  • Rel Por 2.0 August 17, 2015
    Admer and Mob of Monsters are back at it again! Can't wait for this to launch! (
  • New M&B Bannerlord preview trailer August 5, 2015 Hoping the multiplayer will be more expanded and indepth.
  • Which Raid Day Works Best For You? August 5, 2015
    Which Raid Day Works Best For You?
  • New Pug Hut August 5, 2015
    Just ask me in IRC to get co-owned and friended! Image: